South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

Local Information

We recommend the Comfort Inn University Center (2445 S. Acadian Thruway, Baston Rouge. Please ask for the ACM contest rate (It should be $55 a night). Their phone number is 225-927-5790.

Here is a link to MapQuest map of where the Comfort Inn is - You would go down (south) on Acadian to get to LSU.

Along with a special rate they plan to set up an extra room with a Continental Breakfast Saturday to handle the hungry competitors.

At the bottom of this page is that same map retouched with a Purple path leading from Comfort Inn to Coates Hall at LSU.

Beside the Laquinta is a Denny's (if the Continental Breakfast is not adequate). Just West of the Comfort Inn (across the street) is a really good place to eat - TJ Ribs. They have great ribs, steaks, etc. Just South of the interstate is an Outback and a Lone Star Steak House. One block to the east of the Comfort Inn (get on the interstate going east and get back off) is College Drive. If you go south on College Drive, you will find Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonalds and several others. Directly across College (on the service road) is Chili's and several others. To the North on College Drive is a Wendy's along with several other places if you turn right on to Corporate drive (first right off College N). Just South of the interstate on Acadian is a WalMart (in case you discover that you forgot something).

Several other hotels exist in this area. We recommended Comfort Inn because of rates, openings and ease of access.

Please note that Acadian Thruway has a 40 MPH speed limit that is often enforced.

Click here for a map that shows how to get from the hotel to Coates Hall.

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